What we Do:

Making a purchase but don’t like negotiating?

We negotiate for you. Anything and everything from apartment complexes bulk utility/phone/cable/internet services and pool furniture, to large and small scale company purchases. We even take care of individuals looking to make large purchases or rent a home or office! If you want to buy it, we will find a way to get you a better deal!

How it works:

You don’t pay unless we save you money!

You tell us what you are looking to buy/rent, the price you have been offered, and the sell contact information. We will then contact the seller and negotiate a lower rate or better price for you. If we succeed, our fee is 50% of your savings.

Try us free:

Our Service is completely free.

When you make a purchase, you have a set price you are going to pay. If you use our service, and we negotiate a better price our commission comes out of the savings. If we cannot negotiate a better deal for you THERE IS NO CHARGE. Our fee is awarded only if we are succesful in saving you money.


  • Easy Negotiate was able to negotiate a complex wide internet service deal for our strata that saved each individual unit an average of $28/month.....
  • We were thrilled with Easy Negotiate, they helped us negotiate our office furniture and saved us over $4000......


John is a small business owner who needs to replace three aging printers and two desktop computers that are currently in his office. He researches the kind of printers and computers he wants and the lowest price he finds for everything including taxes and shipping is $1987.75. He then contacts EasyNegotiate.com and logs the negotiation including prices, brands, models, contact information and the lowest price he was able to find. Our negotiators then get to work to find a better price for John, and two days later contact him letting him know they found his products for only $1787.75 including taxes and shipping. Easy Negotiate bills John $100 for their services. In the end John pays $1887.75 saving $100 off his original price.